Matt Brewer (Fain)
Matt Brewer (Fain)

Matt Brewer is the player behind Fain everyone’s favorite Bard. He has been gaming for most of his life. During the normal hours of the day Matt is a Registered Nurse that spends his time helping others.

Adam Sims is the voice behind John Ole. He has been gaming for several years and has really enjoyed being a part of this actual play. He spends most of his time playing games and reading comics. While he isn’t doing those he is a systems engineer.

Adam Sims

Vallie Timm is your token gamer chick 🙂 She’s been tabletop gaming for about 20 years, but also enjoy reading and video games when she’s not working her full-time retail management job.

Wes Smith is the GM for this Band of Ruffians.  Referee, caretaker, sometimes mom.   He also plays the 22 other crew members on the Wormwood.   During the day he works for a local theatre as a carpenter bringing dreams to life.

Wes Smith

Davery Bland plays Adegoke, the frontline fighter/damage sponge of the group. Like all the other cool kids Davery started playing RPGs when he was at junior high science camp and has kept on ever since. He works as a software developer for a local school in Knoxville.

Chad Hughes first started sitting in on his brothers D&D basic games when he was four years old and have been playing in one form or another ever since. He’s a Network administrator by profession and a writer and blacksmith by hobby.

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